Mai Bahadoor Hoon..

My Family

Hey ,
My self Bahadoor, I am working as security guard in Mango Farm in Ratnagiri.
I live with my wife and my two sweet children,they are so cute and i love them alot. That’s why came here all the way from Kalali,Nepal. My native is 1682km away from me but i am so happy, not because i am earning money but i can live with my family. First time i came in here was 10 years ago.I worked in lot of farms nearby Ratnagiri like Rajapur,Near Airport,Devrukh and so and so
People call us Gurkha, i am good at guarding these mango farm, my whole life is surrounded by these mangoes day and night just mangoes, but wait it is only for 5-6 months. We come here in month of November and then we get our holiday in June. I brought up my family here to stay with me, so i can spend my time with them.

It is not easy to guard these farms, it looks easy but bit of scary. We live in the farm with family and every time i try to sleep i get wake up. Living in farm with full wild animals and with family, it scared shit out of me.Although its my job and i have to do it in order to get money so i can live a happy life with my loved ones


I will come here every season and i will gaurd these farm.
Thank you for listening to me
It’s my story

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