Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango is known as the ‘king of fruits’ because of its sweetness and usefulness.

The area under mango crop is 5% of the total area under fruit trees and it produces about 9 lakh tonnes.

Mango cultivation can be found in almost all the states if you leave some regions that are too cold.

Uttar Pradesh is the highest area for mango cultivation and Andhra Pradesh is the first in terms of productivity.

Mango accounts for 5% of the total fruit and fruit processing exports from India. Different foods can be made from mangoes.

There is a lot of potential for export of mango and its products from the country.

Earlier, there was a saying that ‘Aaja makes mangoes and his grandson eats fruits. Therefore, farmers were not keen on planting late fruits, but time changed.

With the changing times, newer technologies have yielded quality fruit varieties in less time. The importance of mangoes is constantly increasing due to the increasing prevalence and increasing demand from abroad.

Mango is cultivated in almost all the districts of Maharashtra. The Konkan region has the highest area under cultivation, followed by Western Maharashtra. Of the whole country

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