You too can do it as a Dream.

Happy Alphonso Summer 

I am Rahul Dange and i am 22 years old.

I am very lucky that i am Alphonso farmer’s son. My dadaji planted these trees when i was child and we have acres of land filled with just Alphonso trees.

My childhood was so awesome, whole childhood spent with living in mango farm.

I used to climb the trees, i fell several times but i think in order to get successfull you better fall. I water the farm and clean the extra grass and so on. I work really hard during season and also post season, its not like i am the owner so why should i work? I think we better work when we are grounded.

I have so many workers and they work really hard to take care of the trees and love to work with them, Carrying the crates filled with delicious Alphonso mangoes. I work with full of my Heart, its like i am connected with them, the trees, mangoes. Every time i go to farm i get hit with the nostalgia. I drive my own commercial vehicle to farm since I learned. It is 407 and I love my vehicle very much.

Its doesn’t mean i am not studying, i am purusing my bachelors degree in B.E Agriculture. I want to develop my farms with more techniques and technology.

You too can do it as a Dream.

Thank you for listening me 

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